....This color was created for medium skin tone ranges for African American descent.


This VEGAN based LaZuli Organics LOOSE mineral Foundation  is an all-in-one primer and foundation that uses a a non toxic, mineral based formula that offers INCREDIBLE  coverage, a sheer natural look , and AMAZING staying powder. Non -Toxic, Non -Nano,Non-allergenic ingredients help soothe inflamed rosacea, or acne-prone skin while protecting the skin from the harsh elements of the sun.


*No separate concealer or powder is needed in most cases.
How to Apply:

1.Pour some of the loose powder into the lid of the container.

2.Dip a large, fluffy kabuki brush into the lid, and swirl to load the bristles. Tap the brush on the side of the lid to remove excess powder.

3.With a circular motion, starting on your forehead,begin to "buff" the loaded brush down the center of your face, from the top of your forehead down your nose. Then over to your cheekbones and chin to distribute the makeup.


Please be advised that we recommend the Loose Mineral Powder for Oily, acne prone skin and The W.A.R. Paint for Dry, Mature skin.

If you prefer loose powders, but have dry skin; we recommend using the Acai Anti-Aging Serum as a primer or any other oil based serum before application.