Our story doesn’t come wrapped in a pretty package of overnight success , but one of many years of Blood,Sweat and Tears, Literally. For us, It all started about 15 years ago when our oldest son lost his hearing and wasn’t able to even speak. Back then we had little knowledge of Health , Allergies, Recycling  or even what “ Organic “ meant.(Forget about telling me that my $50 bottle of foundation from the mall was toxic for my face- I would’ve laughed in your face)
As our son went on antibiotic after antibiotic for all his ear infections , and never healing , I looked for a second opinion ,which led me miraculously to a Holistic Dr. who tested my son for food allergies !Lo & behold he was allergic to milk and a few other things. We stopped everything he was allergic to and he regained his hearing and speech. ( and boy does this kid talk now ) 
What we did find was SHOCKING as no one had told us these things about what we were doing to ourselves!

  • GMOS. 
  • TOXIC CHEMICALS found in our deodorants.
  • Poisons in our cosmetics. 
  • Pollution in the air from these products. 
  • The cruelty done on animals. 
  • Cancer being caused by these things
And the more I researched on what the options were ; the more I saw there wasn’t many truly Organic , TOXIC FREE options out there!
Many organic companies , but few that didn’t add “small “amounts of toxic ingredients.
Are you kidding me ?! Small amounts of poison ?!Companies will justify that its small amounts, so it’s “safe.”
I think NOT!! 
Our SKIN absorbs EVERYTHING we put on it. Within seconds it’s in our blood stream. 
Think about this ;Would you bathe in gasoline ?
Would you pour TOXINS all over your body ?
That's what you're doing when you use products with petrolatum for example.
 READ YOUR LABELS. This is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family. 

 Out of the pure desperation of not finding anything that fit my strict standards of health  ; LaZuli Organics was born. 
Who we are:
  • Woman Owned
  • ORGANIC Botanical Based Body-care and Cosmetics .
  • All of our raw ingredients are USDA Certified Organic or Wild harvested in the Bodycare 
  • Mineral based Cosmetics
  • Tested for pesticides. 
  • Manufactured in the USA. 
  • Fair trade certified where possible

OUR PROMISE to you :
All of our products are not only toxic free, but gluten free, dairy free ,corn free, cruelty free , & paraben free.
From my family to yours , 
We pray for healthy , peace filled lives. 
~Changing the environment one soul at a time.~
Caterina Elena