Deodorant Myths; BUSTED!!

Deodorant Myths; BUSTED!!

Caterina Elena

MYTH #1   

"Whenever you're switching over to a new natural deodorant, youll go through a detoxifying stage and break out in a rash/little red bumps. Continue using over time and your body will eventually adjust"

This is the BIGGEST lie that some companies are spewing onto the internet to get you to continue using their deodorant. This is NOT a DETOX but an actual irritation reaction from the granulation of the BAKING SODA. So, do NOT continue using the deodorant ( even if its ours), if you break out in little bumps under your pretty pits! 

We LOVE Baking soda in our deodorants due to its efficacy, but we also have found that those with SENSITIVE SKIN, cant use it. And for our clients with sensitive skin, we have formulated an all organic BAKING SODA FREE deodorant called " FROSTING". ( This smellys so yummy you might be tempted to eat this; but please dont :)


" The front of my  anti-perspirant/deodorant  said  NO ALUMINUM CHLOROHYDRATE ,So that means theres no Aluminum"

UMMMM Yeah, NO! They are telling the truth that theres no alumimun chlorohydrate......What they're neglecting to tell you is the fact that there's another FORM of Aluminum in it though called Potassium ALUM ; which is potassium ALUMINUM claiming this is safer. At LaZuli Organics, WE prefer not to add it to our deodorants from the countless research done on what all forms of Aluminum does to the body. 


" I bought it at the the health food store, so it must be safe"

So, just because its labeled as organic or Natural , doesnt mean its always good for you or even safe.

Mercury is natural.....Arsenic is natural....Gasoline also comes from "natural" sources.....but that doesnt mean we should be slathering our bodies in these ingredients.

Some of the ingredients you want to avoid that are in some of even the natural brands:




(methyl, ethyl, propyl, benzyl and butyl)



  The moral of the story is that in this day in age, you must EDUCATE yourself and learn how to READ those labels! 



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